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The Queenspark School Shining Lights Performing Arts Programme is pleased to offer performing arts tuition to students.  The performing arts programme is an itinerant based programme.  This means students will attend tuition sessions during school hours.  Tuition fees and tuition times will be organised by the tutors.  All lessons are a private arrangement between itinerant tutors and parents.

We encourage and celebrate students participating in our itinerant arts programme.  If your child is interested in joining the Shining Lights Performing Arts Programme, please complete the online enrolment form.  When you submit the form, the itinerant tutor will receive that information through email It is important to correctly fill in your contact details.  Tutors will be able to answer any queries and will be able to communicate directly with parents.

It is not necessary to own or buy instruments.  Instrument hire is available from KBB, MusicWorks or in some cases, through contacts from your tutor.


Options available are: (NB: All dependent on numbers and availability of tutors.)


    Please tick the lessons you would like to enroll your child in. Your request is sent directly to the tutors.
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