School Uniform

Our entire school uniform is available from:

Mainland Uniforms
511 Wairakei Rd

You can visit in store or click on this link to view our uniform at Mainland Uniforms:

The Warehouse
Belfast (Northwood)

Uniform items are to be appropriate to suit weather conditions and/or personal preference.

Sports Uniform

House T-Shirts ($7) and sports shorts ($17) are both available to order from the school office. Find out your House Colour from your teacher or the office once you start school.  House points are awarded throughout the year at various times ie; cross country, athletics day, swimming sports, house assemblies.

Rimu (Red), Totara (Blue), Kowhai (Yellow) or Matai (Green).

Yr 7/8 uniform – Our Senior Students have a different polo shirt and jacket, both of which can be purchased from Mainland Uniforms or The Warehouse Belfast.  These items clearly state ‘Senior’ on both the polo and the jacket.

Sunhat Policy

It is the policy of this school that children wear school sunhats when outside during the first and fourth terms. Children not wearing hats will be confined to a shaded area in the playground.


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Queenspark School Uniform Code:

Please read our school uniform conditions before purchasing any school uniform.  Please see the school office or Mr Tony Mabin if you have any questions around the school uniform.



  1. It is expected that children will present themselves in a clean and tidy uniform.  This is the responsibility of parents and caregivers. The Queenspark School uniform gives the school an identity in the community; it enhances a sense of belonging and pride amongst the children attending our community school.
  2. All pupils enrolled at Queenspark School will wear the appropriate school uniform as designated by the Board of Trustees.
  3. Exceptions to this policy can only be considered on written application to the Principal.
  4. The designated school uniform can be purchased from The Warehouse Belfast (Northwood), and Mainland Uniforms (Wairakei Road). These are our ONLY suppliers of the general Queenspark School official uniform.
  5. Detailed information about the types of uniform, general costs, and used uniform for sale, can be obtained from the school administration office, the school website and the designated Queenspark School uniform suppliers.
  6. Items of clothing that are designated by the Board of Trustees as the official standard for the Queenspark School uniform can be viewed at the school office, are found at The Warehouse Belfast (Northwood), and Mainland Uniforms (Wairakei Road), or on our school website. Please note we have a separate uniform for our Year 7 & 8 students as they are part of the ‘Senior School’.
  7. Review of the designated Queenspark School uniform is included in the review cycle of policy and procedures carried out by the Queenspark School Board of Trustees.
  8. The Queenspark School PTA has regular second hand uniform sales each year.  Check the school website for dates.



  1. The school colours are Blue and Yellow. There are three designated blue colours – Navy, Royal and Sky Blue. There is a designated Navy Blue tartan and designated Royal Blue gingham.
  2. Representing the school for sports or for cultural occasions, children will wear designated alternative uniform, such as sports jackets and different coloured shirts, as prescribed by the school.
  3. Only navy blue tights are to be worn as part of the school uniform. (Not Black or white coloured tights)
  4. Only white, black or navy blue socks are to be worn as part of the official school uniform. Sock length is ankle socks or below the knee.
  5. Knitted cardigans, jerseys or tops are not to be worn as part of the school uniform
  6. School uniform Jackets (zip through polar fleece vest, school polar fleece winter jacket and the senior school jacket) are for outside use only. They are not to be worn during classroom instruction time.
  7. Phased out items are:  polar fleece 1/4 zip (for outside use only), skivvy, summer dress with white collar & cuffs, and the tartan skirt
  8. Polypropylene purchased for school use can be either Navy Blue or Sky Blue. Long sleeved Polypropylene can be worn under a long sleeved sweatshirt otherwise; short sleeve polypropylene can be worn under short sleeve polo shirts. It is not appropriate for brightly coloured polypropylene to be worn as leggings under shorts, but under trousers, this is fine.
  9. Bike shorts that come below the seam of a skirt or dress are not to be worn. Calf length bike shorts or tights are not part of the school uniform.


  1. Uniform designated for the senior pupils to wear has a point of difference.

Senior pupils in Year 7 and 8 will wear a different Sky Blue/Navy Blue combination Polo shirt and a Navy Blue Jacket. These senior school items can be purchased from the following designated school uniform suppliers – Mainland Uniforms & The Warehouse Belfast (Northwood). The rest of the senior uniform is the designated general Queenspark uniform.


  1. Only the designated school sunhat can be worn. All pupils must wear sunhats outside during terms 1 and 4.  Children without a sunhat will be placed in a designated shaded area. The official sunhats are Navy Blue: – the broad-brimmed Aussie drill hat (at least a 7.5 cm wide brim), the bucket hat (with at least a 6 cm wide brim), or the legionnaire hats (with a flap that covers the neck and meets the sides of the front peak.)
  2. Jewellery is not to be worn or brought to school for safety reasons. One earring per ear is permitted only.  Small, plain, studs/keepers only may be worn in pierced ears. No makeup or coloured nail polish is to be worn in school.
  3. Headbands, hair ties and clips are to be Navy, Royal or Sky Blue, plain Black, White or Brown (silver hairclips acceptable). Scrunchies are to be in Navy, Royal or Sky Blue. Scrunchies and headbands made from the school uniform fabrics are also acceptable.
  4. Bright coloured head bands and scrunchies are not part of the school uniform.
  5. Only Navy, Sky and Royal Blue scarves are to be worn as part of the school uniform.
  6. Hair colouring is to be within a pupil’s natural hair tone colours.
  7. Hair that passes shoulder length (both girls & boys) must be tied up.


    Shoes for school must be sensible and robust enough to take on the everyday sports and physical activities enjoyed at school.

Acceptable footwear:

Black and brown leather shoes appropriate for school wear, and sports shoes (or trainers) appropriate for school wear.  Sports shoes (or trainers) should be predominantly one colour, preferably white, black or blue. 

Fully enclosed shoes must be worn in the technical/craft classrooms for health and safety reasons.

Sandals, suitable for school (e.g. roman sandals),  may be worn during the summer terms but are not an alternative foot wear for sports and PE activities, nor are they to be worn in the technical/craft classrooms.

Unacceptable footwear:

Brightly coloured or fluorescent coloured shoes (including sports shoes and trainers), or laces are not to be worn as school uniform.    Canvas and high-top basketball-style shoes,   Jandals, scuffs, slip-on shoes, Crocs, slippers*, shoes with elevated heels, heavy loose fitting street shoes/loafers or shoes with wheels or open-backed shoes are not to be worn as school uniform. These are inappropriate for life at school.

*(During winter, children may wear slippers in the classroom only. This is up to the discretion of the classroom teacher.)


  1. Sports Shorts

ALL Year Five to Year Eight students will have their own sports shorts as part of their school uniform. The sports shorts will be worn for: Athletics Sports, including Zones and Canterbury finals, Cross Country, including Zones and Canterbury finals, Swimming-Sports (over their togs)
, Syndicate weekly sports’ afternoons, Winter Sports tournament e.g. football, hockey, boys netball, Summer Sports tournament (e.g. tennis, softball, cricket), 
School basketball team, 
House assemblies, 
P.E. lessons (teachers to decide if /when appropriate), lunchtime ‘physical’ games to avoid dirtying the usual uniform shorts.

  1. Sport Shorts are not to be worn during the day in place of the usual school uniform shorts.
  2. Sports Shorts can be purchased through the school office ($17.00)
  3. House Coloured T-Shirts are part of the sports uniform and can be purchased through the school office ($7.00)

Board of Trustees

Queenspark School