School Donation

School Donation

Investing in your child’s learning

During the past few weeks one of the major undertakings that the Board of Trustees has been working on has been to establish a realistic operating budget for 2015. This is always a formidable task as we juggle the operating grant that we receive from the Ministry of Education against the cost of providing quality education to our children, maintaining realistic class sizes, and offering the additional resources and opportunities that is a hallmark of the Queenspark experience.

In recent years we have worked hard to maintain both the ‘activity fee’ levy and voluntary donation at unchanged levels without needing to pass on the increased costs that we have faced in providing extra-curricular opportunities for our learners.  Fortunately our school’s decile rating has remained unchanged in the recent round of recalculations which means that our government funding is likely to be relatively consistent. We have also been successful in securing funding for specific projects from external trust fund applications which has meant that we have been able to provide additional opportunities for your children to be involved in sporting and cultural activities and the performing arts at all levels throughout the school.

However, with the reduced availability of trust funding and grants, and in order to combat escalating costs in continuing to provide similar benefits in 2015 it has been necessary to increase the activity fee and the recommended donation for next year. The activity fee has been set at $15 per child per term which we believe is realistic and represents excellent value. This fee contributes towards the provision of curriculum-related day trips, transport to sporting and performance activities, the provision of itinerant teachers for group tuition, visiting speakers and performers, and the like.

The suggested school donation for 2018 is $95 per child, but please do not feel limited by this. In the past there have been a number of families who have contributed in excess of the suggested amount and naturally we are very grateful for this. Likewise, if $95 would cause genuine hardship we welcome any contribution that you are able to make towards this, and are happy to receive your contributions in instalments or via our automatic payment provision (see office for details). We do expect that all families will make an effort to contribute as they are able. School donations allow us to provide curriculum resources outside of the basics covered in base funding.  Note that receipts for donations will be issued at the end of the year as these payments are tax-deductible.

Dean Taylor

Chairperson, Board of Trustees


The range of payment options are as follows:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Automatic Payment (forms available from the office)

Manual payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly, term by term, or one payment per annum. If you elect to pay by automatic payment the annual donation will be spread over the full 12 months.  See the office for the school bank account details.

This is a voluntary donation, however the board expects your full support on this. Please contact our admin staff or the principal if you wish to discuss an alternative plan.

Compulsory School Costs:

The Activity Fee is a compulsory payment and has been set at $60 per child. We are entrusted to deliver the New Zealand curriculum in order for our children to become the best people they can be. As you are aware learning does not just happen in the classroom. The New Zealand curriculum expects us to enrich children’s learning by visiting places such as museums and other places of interest as well as catering for visiting speakers and performers. The Activity Fee has been set to cover the cost of activities that support curriculum learning . The Ministry of Education does not cover the cost of these activities therefore we must pass on this charge to our parents. We are mindful of home budgets and as such we work hard to secure the best transport deals and to keep these costs to a minimum. Our expectation is that all children take part in all learning activities set by the school.

Other compulsory payments will be:

  • Aranui Technology Fee (Yr 7 & 8 children only): $80 est
  • School Camp (Yr 5 – Yr 6 children only): $150 est
  • School Camp (Yr 7 – Yr 8 children only): $150 est

Swimming programme (full school): $50 est (notices with dates and times will be sent home regarding any swimming programme.)

A copy of your school account will be posted to your home address once per term.