School Information

What you Need to Know

The School

The school is administered in six areas:

  • New Entrant – Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5 & Year 6
  • Year 7 and Year 8

School Hours

8.30am: The bell rings and children may enter rooms
8.55am: School begins
10.40 – 11.00am: Interval
12.30 – 1.25pm: Lunch
3.00pm: School closes

Parents are asked to ensure that their children are at school on time.

School Patrol

The patrol is operated by a parent or teacher and two senior patrol monitors. Parents can assist us by using the patrol themselves and encouraging their children to do so.


Many children are dropped off or picked up by parents in cars. Cars must be parked outside the school grounds, and well clear of the patrol – this is vital to the welfare of our children. Please keep all cars out of the staff car park and away from neighbour driveways.


Stationery can be bought on line at with top-ups available at school. Children will be provided with a stationery list at the end of the current year for the following year.

Replacements can be bought at the School Office before 8.55 am.

Absence / Late Arrival

If your child is away from school or is going to be late in arriving, please telephone the School Office & leave a message on the school absentee line (telephone 383-1578) or email– This is a Ministry of Education requirement and ensures the safety of our children.


All classes are timetabled to use the Library /Information Centre once a week. At this time children exchange books and participate in the Library Information Skills Programme.

In addition to these times, children are able to use the library independently during lunch times and after school on certain days.

Small groups of children may, upon presentation of a permission slip from their class teacher, make use of the library during the day for research purposes, with the help of the Librarian.

Toys and Valuables

We discourage children bringing toys to school. Teachers cannot take the responsibility for the loss or damage of any toys at school. Anything brought for study purposes must be labelled.


These are emailed to you every fortnight. They are also available to view from our website.

Please see the office if you are not receiving an electronic copy of the newsletter sent directly to your email address.

Lost Property

It is vital that ALL CLOTHING be NAMED so that it can be returned immediately if lost. Please enquire as soon as clothing goes missing.

Lost property is kept outside Mr Mabin’s office, near the shade house on the Junior side of the school. You are welcome to visit this area if you are missing an item of clothing. Lost scooters will also be taken here.

School Assemblies

Assemblies are held at the following times:

Full School: Monday 9.15am.

Yr7/8:  Monday 9.30am

Yr 6:    Friday 11.45am every even week.

Yr 5:    Friday 12.00 every odd week.

Yr 4:    Friday 1.30pm.

Yr 3:    Team Assemblies every odd week /Singing Assemblies every even week.

Yr 2:    Friday 2.15pm.

Junior: The junior team have parent assemblies in week 5 and the last week of the Term on Wednesday at 2.15pm. Parents /Grandparents are most welcome to attend these assemblies. A reminder notice will be sent home prior.

Taking Children From School

If you need to take your child from school during the day, could you please send a note to the child’s teacher in the morning, or see the teacher or another staff member when you collect the child. If you are planning an overseas trip or the children will be absent from school, a note is to be presented to the school office (and class teacher) advising of dates.

Should a member of the family (unknown to us) be required to pick up the child, then it is very important that they identify themselves to a staff member before departure – this will avoid possible embarrassment, as the school has some very clear legal obligations here.

Please note that children will only be released to those adults listed on the student emergency contact list. Please register any updates with the office.

Reporting To Parents

Teachers will make contact with parents at any time during the year if there are concerns about a child’s academic, social or behavioural development.

In the first three years of schooling your child will get a National Standard Report. From Year 4-8 your child will get a National Standard Report mid year and end of year. For more detail please refer to the enclosed Report and Learning Conference Guide for Parents which can also be found on the school website.


School Text Alert system

We also encourage you to join our Twitter network. This is a great way to keep up to date with school reminders or cancellations. We also try to post information if there is the need to evacuate. Sign up today by sending a text:  follow queensparksch – send this to 8987.  If you wish to end this service please send a text: LEAVE or OFF to the same number 8987.


Most children at Queenspark have their lunch at school. Junior children eat their lunch in the area outside Room 8 and Room 10. Year 3 & 4 children sit outside Rm 19 & 20 & in the shade areas. Yr 5 & 6 sit outside Rooms 14 & 15.

Year 7 & 8 sit near the court at the front of the school.

On wet cold days lunch is eaten in the classroom.

Subway lunches are available on Tuesdays. Orders must be clearly named and placed in Subway area in the office by 9.00am each Monday morning. Or you may drop it to Subway Parklands anytime on Monday or Tuesday morning stating it is a late order for Queenspark School.

Lunch Online – Mondays & (Sydenham Bakery)

There is a wide variety to choose from. Please check the details on line for this service.