Parenting Hot Tips

Parenting Hot Tips

Preparing Your Kids To Deal With Others

Parents want to know that their kids are starting a new school year with the resources they need to manage both friendships, and also unkind or bullying behaviour.

It’s a good idea to be honest with children; they may hear cruel comments from others or be treated unfairly by someone, at some point. Encourage them to put the responsibility for this behaviour with the person who dealt it, rather than assume the blame themselves. And always, a sense of humour and a good natured answer will be your child’s best defence against cruelty. Making a game of practising quick and confident come-backs is a great exercise to inoculate your kids for the challenges ahead.

Teaching Children To Resource Themselves

Smart parents know that they don’t have all the answers! It’s healthy for children to know that they have lots of options when it comes to a tricky question or a problem they can’t solve on their own.

“I actually don’t know – let’s find out!” is a great line to use. When you check out the library or internet together, or seek out others with the knowledge or expertise you need, your child absorbs the message that someone, somewhere, can help me with this. When they’re older and more independent, you’ll be glad to know that they’re skilled at finding the people and resources they need to cope with challenges in their lives.