Christchurch Earthquake

Christchurch Earthquake

Looking after Yourself

Those who will cope better will be people:

  • With a supportive social network
  • With resources to call on
  • Who have access to accurate information (ie go to community briefings)
  • Who take an active role in the rebuild of their community
  • Who have a cohesive set of personal and family values
  • Personal involvement in the recovery is very therapeutic as it gives back a sense of control over your life.
  • Who have sense of hope that the future will be better, or the city will be rebuilt better than it was before.

Caring For The Caregiver/Parents and Leaders

Community Leaders and Parents/Caregivers can suffer increased stress because they feel responsible for other peoples stress as well as their own personal issues. This must be acknowledged and allowed for, (e.g. Christchurch City Council are giving all staff an extra day off each month so they can have at least one long weekend every four weeks.)

Watch Out For:

  • Divisions arising out of stress. We are less tolerant when tired under stress. We are more likely to make rash judgements or over-react.
  • Rumours that add to our fears (get accurate information)
  • Burn-out. Focus on the main priorities at work. Look out for symptoms of stress in colleagues as they may not see them themselves.
  • Our own support network. Keep up positive relationships with family and friends.
  • Above all, seek support and help from someone you trust and most importantly, someone who will listen; a friend, a colleague, a professional counsellor. Asking for support is a sign of strength; a sign of knowing your ‘self’ and what you need to do to help you get through times of post traumatic stress.

Christchurch Earthquake Support Information

Contacts For Traumatic Incident Counselling

Relationships Aotearoa – 0800735283 (available 24 hours/7 days a week – when you ring they will take details and then they will ring you back to organise the counselling service you want and an appointment to see them.  They have various locations around Christchurch)

Skylight: 0800299100

Red Cross Counselling Services: 0800777840

M.O.E. Traumatic Incident Team: 0800225580


Govt. Quake Counselling & Support Line: 080077784