Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

School Governance

The Queenspark School Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the school and setting its strategic direction. It has a responsibility to the Ministry of Education to establish for the school the best practice working environment with its priorities being:

  • Curriculum
  • Staff
  • Property
  • Health & Safety
  • Finance
  • Community Partnership
  • Administration
The board focuses on providing the environment, support and resources that will enable the Queenspark students to achieve their best and encourage their aspirations. The Queenspark 3rs (Resolute-Respectful-Responsible) are supported by the Board in the School wide learning programmes and are part of the integral culture of the School.

Our board consists of:

  • 4 Elected parent representatives
  • 1 Elected staff representative
  • The School Principal (is on the Board by way of the position the principal holds)
  • The Board can co-opt additional members to it at the discretion of the Boards requirements

Trustee elections are run every three years from candidates nominated from the school parent group. To learn more about becoming a Board of Trustees member, please visit the School Trustees website at

Your Queenspark School Board Members are:

Duly Elected Friday 27 May 2016:

Mr Dean Taylor – Board Chairman

Mr Ross Willocks – Principal

Miss Kylie Murcott- Staff Representative

Mr Steve Frodsham Parent Representative (Self Review)

Mr Darren Allan – Parent Representative (Finance)

Mr Reuben O’Callaghan – Parent Representative (Property)


Beccy Williams – Parent Representative (Personnel /community)

Rebecca Taylor – BOT Secretary