School Uniform

Our entire school uniform is available from:

Mainland Uniforms
511 Wairakei Rd

You can visit in store or click on this link to view our uniform at Mainland Uniforms:


The Warehouse
Belfast (Northwood)

Uniform items are to be appropriate to suit weather conditions and/or personal preference.

Sports Uniform

House T-Shirts ($7) and sports shorts ($17) are both available to order from the school office. Find out your House Colour from your teacher or the office once you start school.  House points are awarded throughout the year at various times ie; cross country, athletics day, swimming sports, house assemblies.

Rimu (Red), Totara (Blue), Kowhai (Yellow) or Matai (Green).

Yr 7/8 uniform – Our Senior Students have a different polo shirt and jacket, both of which can only be purchased from Mainland Uniforms.  These items clearly state ‘Senior’ on both the polo and the jacket.

Sunhat Policy

It is the policy of this school that children wear school sunhats when outside during the first and fourth terms. Children not wearing hats will be confined to a shaded area in the playground.


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Queenspark School Uniform Code:

Please read our school uniform conditions before purchasing any school uniform.  Please see the school office or Mr Tony Mabin if you have any questions around the school uniform.