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PTA AGM 2017

Queenspark School PTA AGM – Monday 13 February 2017 – 7pm in the school hall foyer.  All very welcome!

About the Queenspark School P.T.A

Our Purpose

Queenspark School is fortunate to have a fun, energetic and highly motivated PTA. Our main aim is to provide a very important link between parents, staff and the Board of Trustees for the benefit of our children, and the wider school community.

We Do This By

  • Sharing relevant and topical information with parents and the wider community, through information sessions, the school’s weekly newsletter, the PTA quarterly newsletters, and the School website.
  • Working in conjunction with the school’s annual strategic plan to raise funds throughout the year to provide the many ‘extras’ the school has identified to be a priority so that Queenspark students have a well-resourced and attractive school to enjoy.
  • Providing a forum / voice for parents to discuss school–wide issues that may be of concern to them.
  • Ensuring that all the support services we provide help to foster a strong and healthy community spirit, and positive relationships between parents, whanau, teachers, board members, and students.

Who Is Involved In Our Current Committee?


Julie Ziolo-Roberts

Vice Chairperson

Kerri McShane


David Bluck


Dave Bluck
Julie Ziolo-Roberts
Kim Hibbard-Melles
Kate Guard
Kerri McShane
Lynne Hall
Sherryl Haughie
Steve Frodshom
Toni-Jane Wykes
Wendy Taylor

School Staff
Barbara Mullholland
Ross Willocks – Principal
Rebecca Taylor – Principal PA

Sherryl Haughie – Treasurer

Helpers available to us
Julie Dalzell
Alana McFadyen


When Do We Meet?

The Committee meets the third Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the school library. Any parent / caregiver of a child enrolled at the school is very welcome to come and attend a meeting, see what we are all about, or raise an issue for discussion under general business.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the PTA is welcome to contact Wendy Taylor on the email address provided above for a friendly, informal chat. Alternatively you may call the school office and the office staff will pass on your message.

How The Parent Community Can Help?

To successfully achieve the purpose of the PTA we not only need people who are willing to become members of the committee, but to also put their names down on our database of volunteers who give their time / skills / assistance with the activities we organize and are involved in. Please feel free to contact Liz Griffith if you might be interested in this option of supporting your child’s school.

AGM Minutes 2016:

PTA AGM 1.3.16

Chairperson’s Report 1 March 2016:

PTA Chairperson Report 1.3.16