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Dear Parents

UPDATE (Tues 15 Nov 7am)
School has been throughly checked and we are all set to go today.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone this morning!
Ross Willocks
Monday 14 November
Dear Parents
We have completed our safety checks at school and have reported to the Ministry that our school buildings and grounds have no damage.
At this point we are aiming to start back at school tomorrow (Tuesday 15 Nov).
We are conscious that some of our children will have heightened levels of anxiety as a result of last night and the continuiing aftershocks.
As we all know children take their lead from parents and teachers alike when dealing with trauma.  At times like this it is important that we keep calmly talking with our children and reassuring them that, as a team  we know what to do in terms of helping and encouraging each other. Give the children some positive feedback as to how well they are doing.
We will be going over with staff tomorrow how to manage the children who are feeling anxious when they arrive at school in the morning.  We are keen to get things back to normal as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience today.  We hope that you are doing well and lets hope for a peaceful night !
Kind Regards
Ross Willocks



Ross Willocks, Principal

We have a great team at Queenspark School.

We believe that our school is a fantastic place; a place for children to come and learn, for teachers to come and teach and for parents and caregivers to come and get involved.

Queenspark has a strong sense of community. We want to build on this by creating a website that helps children with their learning as well as providing school information for our parents and prospective parents from our community and beyond.

I am passionate about children and teaching and learning and I regard it as a privilege to be the Principal of Queenspark School.

Our school team is made up of 50 wonderful and highly skilled staff and over 450 supportive families. Our learning community caters for children from new entrant level (5 yrs) to Year eight (12/13 yrs). In recent years our school has been experiencing rapid roll growth with an end of year roll in excess of 600 children.

Stepping Up & Reaching Out

DSC06208Our collective aim is to provide the very best in learning opportunities for our children. “Stepping Up & Reaching Out” is our mission statement. This simply refers to our culture of encouraging children to do their best in all endeavours as they move through the learning steps.

We want our children to become powerful learners so that they are able to develop thinking skills, relationship skills within the context of a community, self management skills and physical well being skills – all built on a foundation of numeracy and literacy skills. The values of being resolute, being respectful and being responsible are foundation values that we actively foster in our children. We call these our 3 R’s.

We are especially proud of our children, their achievements and the programmes we provide. Some of our learning programmes have achieved national recognition and we work hard to ensure that these programmes are “needs driven” and purposeful for the children.

I encourage all families to join our school text alert system.  This is an easy process and allows you to receive all our school updates and information directly to your phone.  Please see the calendar section on the website or contact the school office staff for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (via: admin@queenspark.school.nz) if you would like to know more about our school.

Ross Willocks, Principal